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A good roofing system is an important investment to make for your home. A healthy roof not only adds value to your property and protects your investment but also helps save money on heating and cooling costs.

If you are looking for professional roof replacement services for your old, damaged, or outdated roof, Blue Rhino Roofing and Solar is here to help. Our skilled roofing professionals in Houston are committed to providing excellent services that can help keep your roof safe for years to come. We’ll help you choose the best roofing option that can suit your budget and your home design, regardless of the reason for the roof replacement.

We stand by our work and back it up with a customer satisfaction guarantee on top of our product and workmanship warranties. This ensures that all your roof work stays protected, allowing you to breathe easily and have peace of mind.

When Is It Time to Have Your Roof Replaced?

Sometimes, a good quality repair is all you need to extend the life of your current roof. But other times, a replacement is inevitable. Here are some telltale signs that your roof needs to be replaced:

When Your Roof is Leaking

Water damage in your home can cause massive problems. If you see dark spots or stains on your ceiling, that’s a sign that water is coming in through your roof. A single, small leak can usually be repaired, but if your roof is letting in water from multiple areas, you must take care of the problem and replace your roof as soon as possible.

Shingles are Missing or Damaged

Missing or damaged shingles indicate that your roof might need to be replaced. Loss of granules is also an obvious sign, not just affecting the look of your roof but also its function as well. If your shingles have deteriorated to the point that they can’t combat the elements, then it is time for a new roof.

Your Roof is Old and Aging

When your roof is exposed to varying elements, such as wind, sun, or rain, it will deteriorate over time and lose its protective integrity. Although there are ways to slow down the aging of your roof, a replacement will eventually be required to ensure that your home stays strong and protected.

Residential Roof Replacement FAQs


What is the roof installation process?

While installing a new roof, we ensure that your home stays dry, protected, and safe during the installation process. Our team will go over what you can expect, help you schedule an appointment for us to work on your roof, and answer all of your questions throughout the process. We can often get shingle replacements done in a day, but it will depend on the size of your home and the project’s complexity.

How does a roof replacement benefit my home?

A properly installed roof can help provide a strong seal against elements and prevents heat from escaping from your home, reducing energy costs. Functionally, a good roofing system can prevent the formation of mold spores (caused due to water leakage in a home) from polluting the air your family breathes. Esthetically, changing the color and style of the shingles can allow you to add a personal touch to your home and improve its overall curb appeal.

Will I need to replace my gutters if I get my roof replaced?

A new roof is a great time to replace your gutters, especially if your gutter system is old. However, it is not a requirement.

Choosing Blue Rhino Roofing and Solar ensures that you will get the best roofing replacement services at the most reasonable rates. We aim to provide our customers with quality roofing products and services to their satisfaction. This has earned us the reputation of the most preferred company in roof replacement services. Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection!

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